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Reporting to Parents

We report to parents in a number of ways. We primarily use Seesaw for ongoing progress reports. Twice a year we report on progress and achievement in graphic form. We also hold student-led-conferences twice a year.


We use Seesaw to report to parents.

Each term you will be given a minimum number of posts to go on Seesaw. These are generally 2 Reading, Writing and Maths post with 6 other curriculum areas. Comments on these post should be written like report comments and should reflect the learning that occurred and next learning steps.

You can post other things on top of these but it is not to be used a social media platform for children.


Our reports are digital and are posted on Seesaw. Teachers must ensure parents are engaged in Seesaw so they can receive regular updates on their child(ren)'s learning.

At the end of Term 2 and Term 4, parents will receive a graphic of their child's progress and achievement on Seesaw. 

To access the report graphic you will need to go to eTap. Click on Pupil Profile, Mid_Year_Report for the mid year report and End_Year_Report for the end of Year report. Then click Generate report.

Make sure you save before going to the next page as it does not save it without you clicking save.

Once complete, you can click on Individual or Class/Group at the top of the page. This will give you a PDF of the report and this is what goes on to Seesaw. All student reports are posted to Seesaw at the same time in a staff meeting so that everyone gets them on the same day.


These are a presentation of student work and are run by students.


OTJs are an Overall Teacher Judgement. They are not based on a single assessment and data should be triangulated. Evidence can come from a range of tasks including e-asTTle tests, book work,  a range of formal assessments, observations and anecdotal notes.

We use the e-asTTle levels to show accelerated progress in our students and OTJs are to be made using these levels. Below is a guide to assist you in making OTJs

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