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The assessment schedule can be found on the timetables doc.



Reporting to Parents

Reporting to Parents consist of 2 formal written reports each year and Seesaw is used as a celebration platform.


The seesaw expectation will be that you have at least 1 post for each curriculum area each term (unless the curriculum area hasn't been taught) and formal comments are not necessary. 


The formal report will be on eTap and posted to Seesaw during a Friday Admin meeting.

To meet the NAGs you will be reporting on 7 areas - Reading, Writing, Maths, Science, Social Sciences, Health and PE and Technology. A tick box for our school values and Key Competencies will be on there and some work will be done around a matrix for the KCs at different levels of the school.

Reports will be written in Terms 2 and 4 and will be checked by Team Leaders. Tania and Keith will check Team Leader reports. There will be a comment from Keith on every report.

Reports will need to be written by the end of Week 8, checked by the end of Week 9 and fixed by Wednesday of Week 10. Reports will be posted to Seesaw on the Friday of Week 10 at  Admin meeting. End of the week is Friday, not Sunday.

In Term 4, everything will be a week earlier due to Week 10 finishing on Wednesday.


OTJs are an Overall Teacher Judgement. They are not based on a single assessment and data should be triangulated. Evidence can come from a range of tasks including e-asTTle tests, book work,  a range of formal assessments, observations and anecdotal notes.

We use the e-asTTle levels to show accelerated progress in our students and OTJs are to be made using these levels. Below is a guide to assist you in making OTJs

Gordonton School Curriculum Levels 2021.
Gordonton Reading level Poster 2.0 (1).j
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