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Room 11 Home Learning

Login to Google using your school email address and password that is glued to the inside of your Home Learning book.

If yours isn't in your book, email to find out what it is.

Once you have logged in, click here to get to Google Classroom.

If you can't work out how to use it, go back to our Online Learning page to watch the video.

PE and Dance

Get moving to start the day with a bit of dance and physical activity for the whole family


Reading activities will be sent to you depending on the reading level. 

Pre-reading - look through the book and discuss what it might be about, what could be happening in the book from looking at pictures. Are there any words that are familiar, any that are new? Can you relate the story to a prior experience? Have a conversation about that.

Class Poem

Alphablocks channel for phonics 


Monday - Write about what you did in the weekend. Draw a picture first and talk to someone about the picture before beginning your writing.

Tuesday - Work through CVC booklet

Wednesday - Draw a picture of something you have done while in isolation then write a story about it.

Thursday - Publish story from Wednesday

Friday - 


Daily activities

Khan Academy - You can sign your child up for Khan Academy which has teaching videos and interactive activities to go with them. It will also track their learning.

Watch Number Blocks - Doubles, Whole numbers, addition and subtraction, odds and evens. Feel free to look at other Number Blocks videos on YouTube or YouTube Kids.

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