Week 8, 23 - 27 March

Monday 23

Wai(Why) - water - He wai mōu? (Heh why maw-oo?) Would you like water?

Te Rākau Immunisations - Welcome back!

Tuesday 24

Horo whenua (Haw-raw feh-nu-ah) - landslide


Keith @ Principal's Hui

CRT - Enya, Pete PCT Release

School Photos

Staff photo will be first at 8.30am

2.20 - Launchpad.

Wednesday 25

Waipuke (why-poo-keh) - flood

Ko ētahi wāhi atu o te motu nei ka nui te mate i te waipuke, i te tūpuhi. Some other parts of this island have major problems with floods and storms.

CRT - Jennifer


Te Māhuri Camp - Good luck for your camp at Kauaeranga Valley

EWCS Swimming @ Te Rapa. Good luck to Marian and the swimmers.

Maori classes - See timetable

Thursday 26

Parawhenua(Pah-rah-feh-noo-ah) Tsunami.

Kei ngā kōrero tuku iho a te Māori ngā kōrero mō te rū me te parawhenua mea. Māori oral traditions refer to earthquakes and tsunamis.

CRT - Michelle

Te Māhuri Camp

Te Rākau Tech/Arts this week

Hearing and Vision testing for Te Rākau

Friday 27

Rū - earthquake

Te Māhuri Camp - return today.

8am Admin Meeting

10.55 Kapa Haka

3pm Book Club

Principal's Post

Welcome to Week 7.  

Wow, who would have thought such a tragedy would have befallen the city of Christchurch and the Muslim community within it, and that would be the way the week ended in Aotearoa.  Just when we could confidently say we were safe from terrorism, it came to call and thoughts and prayers go out to the Muslim community.   I live about 200 m from the mosque in Claudelands and Hamiltonians in their thousands have been paying their respects quietly outside, either individually or in organised vigil since Friday.

Our response at Gordonton....

  • We will fly our flag at half mast while the country is acknowledging the loss.

  • I will circulate a couple of documents to you all, one from Paula Rawiri at the MOE and the other from a Senior Muslim leader giving advice for care and support as required for children and of course yourselves.

  • Make sure all conversations with children around the tragedy are appropriate and caring.  

  • Discourage over-attention to the incident if you can.

  • We don't have any Muslim children enrolled so no special responses required.

  • At some point I would like to review with you our lock-down procedures.  Some interesting 'noticings' emerged from the Christchurch incident that highlight most schools' under-preparedness.

There are no PUMs happening this week in consideration of the ChCh incident.  They will happen later.

Thank you to everyone for your enthusiasm in getting work up on Seesaw.  It is great to see.  I will start commenting on it this week.  Remember we are all responsible for its success.  It's not just about reporting against progress and achievement, the parents need to be shown that they are being 'reported to'.  That places quite a standard on us to do well.

Kapa Haka starts this week.  Middle Block Friday.  A list will circulate to gather names from rooms.  If it seems like a lot are keen, include them.  Numbers tend to drop off after the start as the kids realise there are expectations on them. We have two very enthusiastic Kapa Haka Kaiako.  Im looking forward to the results.


Looks like a quiet week.    

Week 7, 16 - 20 March

Monday 16

Haerenga (hi-reh-nga) Journey

Kia pai tō harenga (key-ah pie teh hi-reh-nga) Have a good trip.


Morning Tea

Neska and Lucinda

1st Half Lunch 

Neska and Julie

2nd Half Lunch

Andrea and Pete


Morning Tea

Lucinda and Pete

1st Half Lunch 

Nic and Pete

2nd Half Lunch

Catherine and Jennifer


Morning Tea

Catherine and Jennifer

1st Half Lunch 

Catherine and Jennifer

2nd Half Lunch

Brooke and Grant


Morning Tea

Brooke and Grant

1st Half Lunch 

Brooke and Grant

2nd Half Lunch

Marian and Michelle


Morning Tea

Marian and Michelle

1st Half Lunch 

Marian and Michelle

2nd Half Lunch

Neska and Andrea

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